Bernie Madoff Dies in Custody

As you may know, Bernie Madoff was a client of Brandon Sample PLC. He passed away this morning while in Federal Custody in FCI Butner. His compassionate release filed by our firm was denied by his sentencing judge. The following is a statement from Attorney Brandon Sample regarding this mornings unfortunate event:

“Last year Bernie Madoff asked his sentencing court to grant him compassionate release so he could die at home with his remaining friends and family. At the time, Bernie had a life expectancy of less than 18 months. Bernie’s sentencing judge denied that request, despite Bernie’s terminal kidney disease and expressed remorse for his crimes. Today, Bernie Madoff passed away at the age of 82. Bernie, up until his death, lived with guilt and remorse for his crimes. Although the crimes Bernie was convicted of have come to define who he was—he was also a father and a husband. He was soft spoken and an intellectual. Bernie was by no means perfect. But no man is.”

-Brandon Sample

Important Documents related to Bernie Madoff’s compassionate release:



Bernie-Madoff-Letter-from-Sample (to Judge regarding Motion)



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