Compassionate Release Lawyers Help Families Reunite

When a loved one is ill, getting old in federal prison, or has just been gone from your life for too many years it may feel like there is no hope. Nowhere to turn. But there may be a solution: compassionate release.

Experienced compassionate release lawyers know how to navigate the ins and outs of the compassionate release system. Brandon Sample is one such lawyer.

Featured in all sorts of national and international media, Brandon Sample has helped numerous federal prisoners obtain sentence reductions on compassionate release grounds.

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Compassionate Release Lawyers

The first step to obtaining compassionate release is understanding the federal compassionate release program. Start by reading our article Compassionate Release in Federal Prison. From there, consider reading about the criteria and process for compassionate release. You can also read our FAQ pages and our page on hiring compassionate release lawyers. After this, if you are ready to move forward with obtaining compassionate release for your incarcerated loved one, text Brandon at 202-990-2500 to get started.

First Step Act Changes

The First Step Act of 2018 made numerous changes to the federal compassionate release process. If you have a loved one in federal prison who is elderly, suffering from a serious medical condition, or may have other circumstances that might warrant compassionate release, please read the two following articles to see how the new provisions of the First Step Act can help give your loved one the best possible chance at an early release from custody:

How the First Step Act Changed Federal Compassionate Release

Elderly Offender Program: What Changes the First Step Act Made

Some of Our Compassionate Release Wins!

Are you ready to get your loved one out of federal prison ?

Don't hesitate to contact Brandon Sample PLC. We can jump in to research, draft, and file a compassionate release petition for your incarcerated loved one. While this is no easy task, we can help put you and your loved one on the best footing possible for a successful outcome. We hope to hear from you soon.


If you hire Brandon to assist you in securing compassionate release, he will work tirelessly to get your loved one out of federal prison. Brandon will thoroughly research your loved one's situation, draft a compassionate release motion which is unique to them and their circumstances, file the motion with the appropriate court, and then litigation the motion until it is decided.

When you hire Brandon Sample PLC, you get dedicated, experienced, and compassionate representation by a federal criminal defense attorney who will fight for your loved one's freedom.

Why Brandon Sample?

When you looking for compassionate release lawyers, you want to select an experienced federal criminal defense attorney with comprehensive understanding of the federal compassionate release program. Brandon has the experience required to give your loved one an excellent chance at securing compassionate release.

Brandon believes that no one should be left to die in prison as a result of old age or a serious medical condition. Further, prisoners who have rehabilitated themselves should be given another chance at freedom.

Don't go down this path alone. Hire Brandon today to ensure that everything that can be done for your incarcerated loved one is done. Text 202-990-2500 today to get started or submit a consultation form.