New Law Elderly Inmate Compassionate Release Petition

New Law Elderly Inmate Compassionate Release Petition

Federal prisoners who are deemed “New Law” Elderly Inmates are allowed to petition for compassionate release.

According to Federal Bureau of Prisons Program Statement 5050.49, Compassionate Release/Reduction in Sentence, at § 4(a), in order to qualify New Law Elderly Inmate Compassionate Release Petitionunder the “New Law” Elderly Inmate category, the inmate must be sentenced on or after November 1, 1987, be 70 years old or older, and have served 30 or more years of imprisonment.

To assist family and friends of elderly federal inmates, we’ve created a sample compassionate release petition for an inmate who qualifies under the “New Law” Elderly Inmate category. Such petitions are also known as applications, forms, and letters. This is a sample petition which has been simplified and which features a fictional prisoner with a fictional background.

It is recommended that you retain competent counsel to assist you with filing a compassionate release petition. We at the Law Offices of Brandon Sample have extensive experience in assisting inmates and their families through the complex, and often arbitrary, compassionate release process. Contact us to help you put your best foot forward and realize the best possible chance of success.

See our “new law” elderly inmate page for more information about this category of compassionate release.

Sample Compassionate Release Petition for a “New Law” Elderly Inmate

Karl Rogers

Reg. No. 23456-789

FCI Herlong

P.O. Box 800

Herlong, CA 96113

March 3, 2018

_____ _____, Warden

FCI Herlong

741-925 Access Road A-25

Herlong, CA 96113

RE: Compassionate Release Petition for a “New Law” Elderly Inmate

Dear Warden _____:

My name is Karl Rogers and I’m incarcerated at FCI Herlong. This letter serves as my petition for compassionate release in accordance with Program Statement 5050.49, Compassionate Release/Reduction in Sentence: Procedures for Implementation of 18 U.S.C. § 3582(c)(1)(A).

This petition is specifically made as to the “New Law” Elderly Inmate category as discussed in Section 4(a) of the program statement. According to this program statement, inmates who were sentenced after November 1, 1987, who are 70 years old or older, and who have served 30 years or more qualify for compassionate release under this policy provision.

On December 5, 1988 I was sentenced to a term of 50 years imprisonment for conspiring to distribute a quantity of crack cocaine. I have now served a total of 30 years and recently turned 70 years old. During my incarceration I have maintained a spotless disciplinary record and have availed myself of every program available to those convicted of a drug offense (i.e., Drug Education Class, AA/NA, Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program, Criminal Thinking, and Smart Recovery). As such, I believe that I qualify for compassionate release due to being a “New Law” Elderly Inmate.

In addition to the above, I have worked in my prison’s Education Department as an inmate tutor for the past decade. I spend my days helping fellow prisoners study for their GED. I find this work very rewarding and honestly believe that I have changed the trajectories of many lives. In short, I’m doing my part to make amends for my crimes one life at a time, and believe that this work has helped to not only direct my students away from crime, but to also improve public safety through my students’ transformations.

If this petition is granted, I will go and live with my son, Scott Rogers, who lives at 345 Ocean Drive, Santa Monica, CA 00000. To support myself, I will work as a cashier in my son’s hardware store, Rogers’ Hardware, which is also located in Santa Monica. My son has agreed to otherwise support me financially and ensure that I receive any required medical care.

I appreciate your considering this compassionate release petition. I have been in prison for a very long time and have most certainly learned from the mistakes of my past. I am now an old man who wants to go home, be with his children and grandchildren, and leave this prison existence behind me. I pray that you heed my call and let me go home to be with my family.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karl Rogers


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