Compassionate Release Case Studies

We at the Law Offices of Brandon Sample are aware of a number of successful compassionate release petitions. While federal criminal law is a central practice area for us, there are few activities that resonate more profoundly than bringing a prisoner home so that they can spend their final weeks and months surrounded by family and friends. This page profiles several compassionate release case studies.

Obtaining Compassionate Release

Obtaining compassionate release is anything but simple or straightforward. The client’s personal and medical backgrounds must be investigated, the Bureau of Prisons’ compassionate release policies and criteria must be examined, and a compelling petition must be drafted. Additionally, pressure must almost always be applied in order to motivate the Bureau to give the request due consideration.

Throughout our years of seeking compassionate release for clients, we’ve found that lessons can be learned from experience in the trenches. This is where our case studies come in.

Recent Notable Compassionate Release Case Studies

Our first case study, Inmate Granted Compassionate Release: Case Study, profiles Sarah, an inmate who was granted compassionate release. Sarah suffered from undiagnosed ALS for three years in federal prison prior to seeking a compassionate release. We’re proud to say that in March, 2016, she was released from Bureau of Prisons’ custody and was able to spend her final few weeks at home with her family.

The other case study, How Not to Seek a Compassionate Release: Case Study, profiles Jim, who was not our client. Jim, who suffered from both blindness and a series of heart attacks, took a very different approach from Sarah. He elected to create an adversarial relationship with reviewing officials. This was to his detriment. To date, Jim has continued to be denied compassionate release.

Retaining Competent Counsel

If you or a loved one are considering seeking compassionate release, please contact us. First impressions are crucial when seeking a reduction in sentence. They often permanently set the tone and narrative of current and future petitions. These cases illustrate the value of experience in the compassionate release context. When a life is on the line, you need the best. At the Law Offices of Brandon Sample, we can help.

Call 802-444-4357 to talk to us about seeking a compassionate release. As these compassionate release case studies show, proper management from start to finish is essential.

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